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Monday, June 05, 2006

Hay, Donna...I think I Love You


I've been enjoying Donna Hay's magazine for about a year now (thank you, Sweetnicks!), but it was just a couple weeks ago that I finally got around purchasing one of her many cookbooks, Flavors.

The book arrived the same day we were going to the drive-in, so knowing we'd have a significant chunk of time to kill, I brought it along.

Oh. My. God.

Donna Hay's magazine is gorgeous. Simple, clean, with the most appetizing photographs of food.

Her book? The same thing, without ads!

While we were looking through Flavors, I told Matt I'd wished I'd brought along a pack of sticky-tabs so we could mark the recipes we wanted to try.

Then Matt mentioned we'd be better off noting the (few) we weren't interested in!

Of course, we have hundreds of cookbooks, and I get six food magazines; there is a bit of a recipe back-log around here.

Still, when I needed a dessert for a 'it's not just us tonight!' dinner, I told Matt to pick something from Flavors; he went with the Brown Sugar Cake with Vanilla Bean Sauce.

The cake is...simple, and kind of plain. I mean, it's not the sort of thing that makes you say 'oooh, must try that'. And yet? It's fantastic. I mean...I ate a (small) piece, and thought it one of the best cakes I'd ever tasted. Kind of dense, like a gingerbread (well, all that brown sugar, what could I expect), and an amazing flavor.

But the vanilla syrup? Heavenly.

Combined, it was moist and flavorful; and exactly what I've come to expect from Donna Hay.

We're planning to make more of her recipes (they're so simple and quick to make), I've already ordered another of her books.

The love affair continues...

Blog Party#11 is here, and this month, it's all about the guys. We're turning our little cocktail party into a Manly affair, so make your favorite guy's favorite appetizers and drinks, and join the fun! Blog Party entries links can be left in the comments of any post (they'll show up in my in-box), or you can send an email to thehappysorceress at gmail dot com; they're due Thursday, 15 June...early is always appreciated, and be sure to swing back Saturday, 17 June for the party itself. Let's see how many of our favorite male food bloggers we can get to show up, and I do hope to see you all there!

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