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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blog Party#31: Fried Food Frenzy!


Banner to Come

There's a television advertisement, for insurance I think, with the tag line "Life comes at you fast". That could best sum up the past few weeks for me.

How I could be looking at the middle of the month, and still not have posted February's Blog Party theme, I honestly do not know.

To say I've been busy is a bit cliche; but there there you have it. Too much going on and whoops! I've fallen behind.

However, RSVP's have been coming in, despite a lack of actual invites, so I'd best get moving.

Clearly, the traditional Blog Party structure has to be discarded for this month. We'll just assume the unconventional will dictate this one, ok?

Last month, we started the new year on a somewhat healthier kick, eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Yay us.

Now it's time to shift gears. For February, we're Frying our food!!

What is it, exactly, about taking a perfectly ordinary edible object and submerging in hot oil that turns it from nourishment to nirvana? The humble potato, when cut and fried, approaches something close to perfection. Various doughs and batters, puffed up from a hot oil bath, prompts utterances most often reserved for intimate moments behind closed doors. It's a strange and wonderful thing, frying, and this month we're going a bit fry-mad.

So...get a deep pan, fill it with the cooking oil of your choice (peanut works wonders), crank up the heat, and fry up some bite-sized marvels. Pair it with a beverage, and get those Blog Party entries to me (thehappysorceress at gmail dot com) anytime between NOW and Friday, 29 February. Yes, Friday. That night, we'll have ourselves an unconventional cocktail party, with many crisp and crunchy delights, plenty of beverages, and exceptional company.

Don't miss the party...off-schedule though it may be. RSVP soon, and as always, I hope to see you there.

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