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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Does it Get Better Than This?


I'm a lucky gal. I am compelled, by forces greater than I, to cook and bake. Mostly bake, though.

The weird thing is, I don't actually eat the foods I make.

Granted, if I'm making dinner, I eat it. But I often make foods I can't eat, because I'm a vegetarian who's married to a carnivore, one that I love dearly. I will make dishes for others that I won't touch, although I might make a veg-friendly version to go along with it.

But the baked goods? Lord, no.

I will, more often than not, try a cookie. I may take a bite of a cake. Because I have to make sure it doesn't suck.
But, honestly? That's it.

Here's where the lucky part comes in.

I have many willing test subjects...I mean, friends and family...who gladly accept and devour the various loaded-with-chocolatey-goodness cookies and cakes, the fruity pies, and all points in between.

You see?

I have the best deal around: I provide food (because I have to), and other people eat it!

And that makes me a happy girl...

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