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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Recent Goodies


I normally do my baking on the weekend; Matt's around to watch Alex, or he can be offered to his grandparents (trust me, there's very little arm-twisting involved) for a few hours.

Occasionally, I can get something made during the week, but I generally reserve my 'free' time for things like doing dishes and laundry!

So, last weekend, I made two kinds of cookies for Matt.

The first was a White Chocolate Chip and Cashew Cookie.

Not a combination that comes immediately to mind, but hey...white chocolate. I'm so there.

The cookie itself was very moist...I think that came from the molasses (again, not something I would have thought of), but according to Matt it's very yummy.

The second was a ravioli cookie. A mint ravioli cookie.

I was intrigued.

The 'pasta' part is a very tasty butter cookie; so good, in fact, Matt would have eaten it plain.

For the 'meat' of the ravioli, the recipe called for a creme de menthe candy, cut in half.
I used what I was familiar with, Andies Candies.

Once they're completely cooled, you drizzle the ravioli with 'sauce', made of melted semisweet chocolate.

I tried one, and thought it was pretty nice.

Matt, on the other hand, raved about them all night. So, I'm thinking they were a hit.

The cookies weren't too difficult to make (both this and the white chocolate/cashew recipe called for the dough to chill an hour), but it did involve rolling out the dough, cutting it into the appropriate number of pieces and turning it into something resembling a pasta.

It's likely I will make them again...if asked.

Sorry I don't have pictures; we're just not set up to do that (at the moment).

If you're interested in the recipes, just let me know!

1 Thoughts for food:

At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some thoughts after intensive sampling:

I think that cashew and white chocolate go well together. Unfortnately, I've reached the conclusion that this particular cookie is the wrong vehicle for them. The molasses doesn't blend ideally with the smoothness of the nuts and white chocolate and something with more low-key sweeteners would be better.

The mint-chocolate raviolli, though, remain very tasty. The butter-cookie outside holds up quite well even after several days, the mint flavor is distinct, and the chocolate drizzled on top, which I initially suspected would be gilding the lilly, adds a very nice layer to the flavor. I would like these again at some point.



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