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Friday, November 26, 2004

Too. Much. Food.


Ow. I hurt. And I mean, hurt. Two days (and nights!) of cooking. Two nights of not sleeping (well, not nearly enough).

But, I'm happy to report that dinner was a success...Matt's parents and grandmom liked everything (although we made so much, they barely made a dent in the food), and best of all?

What I'm Thankful For

My mother-in-law stayed late to wash the dishes!!!

All of them. Sink-full after sink-full. What more could a girl ask for?

The evening's menu:

Salmon and Cucumber Rolls

Fontina Risotto Cakes

Cognac Roasted Cauliflower with a Gruyere Sauce

Potatoes with Sage and Asiago

Carrots Glazed with Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, and Cayenne

Hazelnut Mousse Crunch Cake

No turkey?

No; I've been turkey-free for almost nine years, and Matt doesn't really care for it, so we decided to go with roast beef.
A roast, with a parsley stuffing, wrapped in bacon, crisped in a frying pan, then roasted about 45 minutes.

I'm going into detail because, apparently, Matt forgot to take a picture of it!

Oh! And don't forget the two dozen popovers. Quite lovely. No picture (grrr).

---Updated 11/27

I am so mentally challenged sometimes: in addition to all the other yummy dishes, I also made the most amazing soup I've tasted since the cream of vegetable soup I had at Dromoland Castle, Co. Clare, Ireland; Cream of Cashew Soup.
Cashews and shallots cooked in butter and peanut oil, add broth, cram and half and half, cook, puree, thicken with just a bit of cornstarch, and yum. So good, I plan to make more this week!
---end update

I also had lovely pear-cranberry jellie bites, which my father-in-law said reminded him of a rich wine.
Again, there doesn't seem to be a picture, but they were lovely to look at (and good enough that the in-laws took some with them).

And what did I eat, you may ask?

The Now & Zen Complete Unturkey Feast

Crispy yuba 'skin', flavorful gluten-based 'turkey'. Decent gravy, though I prefer my stuffing.

So...good meal. Even better, clean kitchen. And now? Sleep. Lots and lots and lots of sleep.

4 Thoughts for food:

At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey stephanie, all the food looks delicious. It's a nice change from the usual turkey and stuff. Happy Thanksgiving! :)


At 9:07 PM, Blogger nicole said...

Wow! Can I borrow you one year? Everything you made sounds intriguing - I'd probably never be adventurous enough to order it in a restaurant, but if it was offered to me, I'd probably love it!

At 9:29 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hi Stephanie
The salmon and cucumber rolls look interesting! Is that salmon with cucumber and cream cheese rolled inside? Other dishes look very inviting too! *yum*
Oh, I came by via Julia @ AromaCookery :)

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Thanks, Julia!
I'm actually very much a tradionalist; gimme mashed potatoes and gravy any day. On the other hand, I love trying out new recipes, and if there are willing taste-testers...why not?

Nicole, maybe we can work something out! I've never been to Missouri, and would love to catch a film at The Moxie; if you promise to handle clean up, I might just do it!

Welcome, Pinkcocoa!
The salmon rolls were allegedly quite tasty (I, for obvious reasons, didn't have any...but they didn't last long). They were made up of cream cheese, chives and horseradish, wrapped in smoked salmon and cucumber. Almost like sushi, in a way.


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