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Friday, January 19, 2007

Chocolate Chip Muffins: Not for Breakfast


When I get a new cookbook or cooking magazine, I grab a pad of sticky tabs, and mark the pages of (all) the recipes I want to try. I don't always get to them (all), but it saves time flipping through, thinking 'I know there's a recipe for (fill in the blank) here some where'.

Often, after I've done this, I will hand the publication to Matt and ask him to pick what he wants (from the already marked pages).

From the Williams-Sonoma Baking book, he marked these chocolate chip muffins.

A very chocolatey, and very dense, cake-like muffin. Only half a cup of flour for a recipe that allegedly makes a dozen. As I now make my muffins and cupcakes in the jumbo or mini pan, I can't say. But I'm willing to guess it makes less.
In any case, I got four, count 'em, FOUR, muffins from the jumbo pan.

And holy mackerel; these things were not meant as breakfast food. Dessert, maybe. If your dinner was a light salad, no dressing.

Seriously chocolate.

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11 Thoughts for food:

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Elle said...

Chocolate has no calories, right? These look like the thing to share with your nearest and dearest.

At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

those jumbo pans are isanley huge tough. i even think that the "regular" size ends up rather large

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Brilynn said...

Go big or go home! I love that it only made 4 muffins, (cakes...).

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I wish that I could like chocolate. I just don't care for it at all. In fact, I don't do dessert period. I'm going to have to get over that one day...

Have a great weekend!
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At 1:37 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Elle, oh, I do wish that were true!

At 1:38 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Anny: I actually hate my regular-sized pans. Unlike the jumbo and mini, the muffins and cupcakes always come out so...flat, in the regular pans.
Then again, maybe I just need new pans!

At 1:42 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Brilynn; I know!!

usually, it works out that the jumbo pans makes half as many as the recipe for regular pans. This was nuts.

At 4:57 PM, Blogger barbie2be said...

yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!!

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Barbie...a little too much for that hour, I'm afraid!

For me, anyway.

At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've often wondered what the real difference is between muffins and cupcakes. Either way, those muffins look fantastic!

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Kristen...I honestly don't know. Maybe it's categorized by 'dessert' or 'breakfast' and 'dinner'?


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