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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blog Party#28: Fusion---The Round-Up


Welcome to another Blog Party! Tonight, we've misbehaved and played with our food, mixing & matching flavors, cuisines, and more. Experiments don't just happen in the lab, you know.

As always, I've done my best to set the mood, and I think this very cool series of Hot & Spicy Chutney, a fusion of Caribbean and Indian sounds, is exactly what we need for the evening.

And because I never pass up an opportunity to sing (quite literally) the praises of those three-and-four minute Saturday morning, educational, TV segments I watched as a child, I've also added Schoolhouse Rock: Science Rock, to the stereo.

(Oh sure, now you're sorry you didn't make it the party, aren't you? Well, I'm such an awesome hostess, here's a little something for you.)

I usually show you a bunch of really neat, and appropriately-themed, table or serve ware at this point.

But this time, I'm going to direct you to some of the coolest and most science-heavy kitchen gadgets I've ever seen.
I can't, personally, afford a thing, but they're fun to look at!

And now, it's time to meet the guests and start on that food!

Our first guest tonight is also a Blog Party newcomer; be sure to give Elizabeth a proper BP welcome!
She may be new, but she'll fit right in with her Mini Indian Chicken Sandwiches; mixing traditional Indian flavors with a slice of the Midwest--Colby cheese! I love it.
And Elizabeth's husband clearly loved her Mango Bellinis; her Fusion-inspired version of the classic Italian cocktail.
You did an amazing job for your very first time here; thanks so much for coming!

Our next guest is also new to the coolest virtual cocktail party around, but is sure to be a hit with all the guests tonight: say hello to Brittany!
Our pie-crazy friend went a bit mad for quince, bringing us both the Quincemopolitan (love it!), a pretty quince-infused drink, as well as a gorgeous Chinese 5-Spice Quince-Apple Pie..., a sort of Asia-NorthWest US matchmaking. Don't worry, Brittany; we can cut it into bite-sized pieces!
I'd say this is a perfect first Blog Party entry; so glad you could make it!

This appears to be the night for newbies! Here's 'lindyhopper; Lisa (hee!), joining her first party, as well.
And it's always nice to welcome another vegetarian to the house. Tonight, Lisa's brought some wonderful-looking Vegetable Stuffed Lettuce Wrapped in MiYeok. You're right, Lisa...it does look delicious; I can't wait to try it! And it's vegetarian meets Korean meets...US sensibilities?!
Wonderful innovation; so glad you could be here tonight!

Next it's...wow, another first-timer! Say 'hello' to Michelle.
Clearly, she's a gal with lots of patience, which you'll appreciate immensely when you bite into one of her itty-bitty...and super-cute!... Crab, Chili, and Coriander-stuffed Cherry Tomatoes. Wow! They look amazing, and have to taste just as good.
Next, Michelle plays around with flavors...and textures...with her Ruby Grapefruit Fizz; I think I'm first in line for this!
Great job, Michelle; thanks for joining us tonight!

Well...what do you know? This really is a night for new friends!
Our final arrival,Lizanne, is also enjoying her very first Blog Party! But she knows how to make an entrance, with her fascinating Tuna Salad-stuffed Tofu Puffs. Works for me!
And for her drink, Lizanne married Danny Devito's infamous limencello with ginger and vodka for a Lemon Ginger Martini: sounds so classy, doesn't it? Just promise me you aren't booked on the View any time soon?
Thank you so much for being here tonight!

I guess it's my turn...so here you go:

It's no great surprise that I decided to fuss with my sushi. I can't claim the idea as my own; I confess I got the idea from an episode of Gilmore Girls (sushi a la Sookie?). But I loved it: who says sushi has to be fish or veggies?

So, we made our favorite chipotle-spiced fried chicken, sliced it up, and rolled into maki. And not so shockingly, it worked.

Next, Chinese food sushi! It seemed a no-brainer. Sweet & sour chicken (or Veat, as always); the protein source of choice, water chestnuts, pineapple and cashews in a yummy sauce, again, rolled up in rice and seaweed. Of course, it worked!

But I had to keep going. Dessert sushi. Red vines and watermelon Pop Rocks. I don't joke about Pop Rocks. Kind of weird, but still neat.

And finally, Butterfinger nigiri. Matt's idea. He felt they were the perfect size and shape.

Next, Mini Indian-stuffed French Crepes. Traditional French crepes, about half the normal size, filled with either dal bukhara or paneer makhni. Not exactly dosas, and while a bit messy, really good.

Finally, a Masala Cider. Apple cider spiced with the usual Indian ingredients. Sort of New England/Indian fusion drink. Very tasty.

Alright...I think that's everyone. All new guests, new dishes and hopefully...new friends.
So now we eat, dance and talk.

A gigantic thank you to all tonight's guests, and I hope to see you all (and your friends!) at the very decadent party next month! Curious? Check back 1 December for all the details.

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4 Thoughts for food:

At 3:23 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Everything looks awesome. Thanks for posting mine even though I broke the rules and didn't make a drink. ;)

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Wow - such inventiveness!! Apologies for (yet again!) not joining in, but this NaBloPoMo is sucking my energy dry and doing my head in...

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

's Ok, Lisa!

Next time, I know you'll bring some amazing beverage to go with your appetizers!

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Jeanne, I've been so busy, I'm lucky that I made it to the party!!!

New theme coming up this weekend...


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