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Friday, December 10, 2004

It's all in the technique


I love chicken stuffed with things.

Ok...these days, it's more like Veat stuffed with things, but you get my point.

The first time I had chicken cordon bleu was my freshman year of high school. I was babysitting for one of the waitresses who worked with Mom at the Four Seasons (this would be the (late) restaurant/hotel where she was the head cook, in my hometown). Sometimes there would be leftover food at the end of the night, and the staff would take it home.
I would spend the whole weekend taking care of this woman's kids (hellions, by the way), so I got used to eating whatever was in the fridge.
One Saturday, I noticed a half a chicken cordon bleu, and as cereal didn't seem like proper sustenance, I warmed it up.

Oh...yummy. And my love affair with stuffed chicken began.

I'm always trying new things, but I seem to come back to some sort of cheese and ham (or in my case, fake ham) product, tucked inside a chicken breast.

My latest attempt came out quite nicely; a smoked cheddar, with prosciutto for Matt, and Morningstar Farms veggie bacon for me.
I butterflied the chicken, salted and peppered both inside and out, and tucked everything up, securing with toothpicks.
I added a tablespoon of butter to mine, as it was without natural juices.

Absolutely fabulous! Great flavor; the cheese and 'meat' blended well. It just gets better all the time.

And Matt made some very tasty latkes to go with. We've discovered that draining the potatoes for 30 minutes makes a big difference.

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At 8:41 AM, Blogger steph v. horn said...

At the last cooking club, we had apple and provolone stuffed chicken with a pecan creme sauce. It was divine. A wonderful recipe.


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