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Saturday, February 09, 2013

TDATD: Retro Vibe


Old-timey POP.

While everyone else was mashing potatoes and getting creative with pumpkin, we were channeling the 1940s-1960s in preparation for our annual Two Days After Thanksgiving Dinner.


Iceberg lettuce wedges with a house-made French dressing.

Matt doesn't like turkey, and Alex and I are both vegetarian. The traditional Thanksgiving dinner isn't something that appeals to us.

Many years ago, even before we met, Matt started hosting a dinner party for friends the Saturday following turkey day, aptly named the Two Days After Thanksgiving Dinner.

Each dinner carries some sort of theme. Previous parties included Indian, Things Stuffed Into Other Things, Mexican and Halloween in November. This year, we decided to give retro foods a spin.

Rolls from a wartime (the big one, for those wondering) cookbook.

Pulling from both vintage and retro-themed cookbooks, we put together a casual, almost-cocktail party menu.

Tomato soup

You've gotta have soup, right? Very basic, but strongly flavored.

Shrimp cocktail with a horseradish-heavy cocktail sauce.

What's a more classic appetizer than the shrimp cocktail?  The sauce came from my trusty Wartime cookbook.

Waiter, would you serve the nuts? I mean, serve the guests the nuts.

Smoked-chicken salad, served with classic crackers.

The molded salad was such a standard dish. It's also pretty gross. I wanted to keep the look without turning my stomach while making it, so we went with chicken salad: smoked chicken, mayo, celery and chipotle powder, molded in a plastic wrap-lined bowl and chilled then served on a bed of lettuce with Ritz, Triscuits and Captain's Wafers on the side.

Deviled eggs

Feta salad in cucumber cups

Like your favorite Greek salad, inverted.

Making it up as we go: Mock-Champagne Punch.

Matt and I don't drink alcohol (not for preachy reasons, we just don't care for it), but I'm always looking for reasons to use my vintage punch bowl.
The Champagne Punch without the punch is a good enough reason.  Vanilla seltzer, lavender dry soda and pineapple juice.


Hostess was in the news around the time of the party. So I made my own cream-filled chocolate cupcakes and 'canoe' cakes.

Oh, look - it's me! Or my pedicured-foot in my rockabilly shoes and dress.

Even did my hair sort of vintage: the pin-curl is my new best (style) friend.

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