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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Recent Acquisitions


A couple of weeks ago, I bought some 'new' cookbooks. I use the term 'new' loosely, as the most recent book in this collection is thirty+ years old!

First, a trio of 'young people' cookbooks; in front, the plain-yellow-covered Kids Cooking from the Aileen Paul Cooking School, 1970, as well as The Better Homes & Gardens Junior Cook Book for the Hostess & Host of Tomorrow, 1963 (yes, some of the recipes are just plain ol' disgusting), and Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Cookbook---Favorite Recipes from Mickey and His Friends, 1975, a Golden Books offering. And the stuff in here? Kind of sick and wrong. like the idea of Donald Duck's Hamburgers...I hate using one animal (or the same animal!) to sell a product for consumption. There's a real push for things like frozen waffles and instant pudding, too...

A series of Good Housekeeping Booklets; Salads, Egg & Cheese, Spaghetti & Rice Dishes, Cookies, Pie, Delectable Desserts and Cake, all from 1958, and Pillsbury's Soup & Salad Cook Book, no date.

A collection of Pillsbury Bake-Off cookbooks, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1971.

The Best From the Blade Cookbooks 1950-1960; from the Toledo Blade---a compilation of selected recipes as taken from editions of the The Blade's annual cookbook; with the inscription 'Happy Birthday Sylvia from Verna; 1961'


Cook Book; Prescriptions for Good Eating by CME Doctor's Wives (the woman's auxiliary to alumni association College of Medical Evangelists School of Medicine), 1958. What's most interesting about this one: they really seem to advocate a vegetarian lifestyle, going so far as to include recipes using faux foods! They list Loma Linda products, as well as display a full-page (and the ONLY) ad for Battle Creek Vegetable Skallops, as well as their Protose, Nuttose, Savita and Vegetable Burger. There are tips for cooking soybeans, how to unmold nut-loaves that look attractive, and in the highlights in the Main Dish section, they point to recipes for VegeBurger Italian Spaghetti, Nutmeat Stroganoff, Soy Cheese and Rice Loaf, Glutenburger with Noodles, and Mock Chicken Fry. That's just...neat!

Hawaiian and Pacific Foods; A cook Book of Culinary Customs and Recipes Adapted for the American Hostess; in it's sixth printing in 1953. Hawaii had yet to join the US!

All About Home Baking; from the Consumer Service Department, General Foods Corporation, New York, 1941

Favorite Recipes from Irvington (Indiana) Kitchens, 1938

The best part? The book was literally crammed with newspaper clippings and handwritten recipes! Talk about a find! The only date I could find on the clippings put them around 1957.

Blog Party#11 is here, and this month, it's all about the guys. We're turning our little cocktail party into a Manly affair, so make your favorite guy's favorite appetizers and drinks, and join the fun! Blog Party entries links can be left in the comments of any post (they'll show up in my in-box), or you can send an email to thehappysorceress at gmail dot com; they're due Thursday, 15 June...early is always appreciated, and be sure to swing back Saturday, 17 June for the party itself. Let's see how many of our favorite male food bloggers we can get to show up, and I do hope to see you all there!

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2 Thoughts for food:

At 10:42 AM, Blogger CameraDawktor said...

Ah, that's due on my 15th anniverary. I'll have to go ask him what his favorite poo poo is, the fanciest drink he likes is a Widmer Heffeweizen!

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

For us, it's the night after a friend's wedding, and all the 'boys' are coming over for RPG; perfect opportunity to trot out all those Manly appetizers!


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