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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blog Party #13


Welcome to Blog Party! Come on in; it's hot out there!

The air conditioners are running, and because it's such a big house, with such tall ceilings, a few floor fans for insurance: we've got to keep cool!

Speaking of, I've decided we all need one of these adorable fans.

Quiet and tiny, but powerful enough to keep you cool!

Keeping with our "Cool as a..." theme, I've laid the table with these cool and soothing Mediterranean Blue Grosgrain plates and napkins; so pretty, and very cool...

Tonight, we're listening to fabulous sounds of Ultra Lounge's Wild Cool and Swinging; with tunes from Dean Martin, Vic Damone, Peggy Lee and more. What could be cooler that that?

Also, The Complete Birth of the Cool, by Miles Davis...now that's cool!

I know preparing appetizers without the use of the oven or stove was a challenge for everyone, and I'm so very proud of you all! Every one of you has brought a wonderful, heat-free, dish...which just happens to be tasty, too. Well done!

Now let's see who's come to our 'keep cool, no cooking!' party tonight.

First up, and very early, indeed; it's Pat, bringing us a very pretty treat, Hot Pepper Jelly Cheesecake. A cream cheese delight, for sure! Pat's friends really like this 'dip', and I have a feeling we're going to, as well.
Thanks so much, Pat...I promise you can use your oven next time, ok?

Next, it's Peabody, continuing the cheese-trend! No complaints here, I'm sure.
Get ready to dig into these beautiful Herbed and Spiced Goat Cheese Balls! I bet the paprika ones will go first.
Peabody's mixing up Green Tea Collins, too...so don't be shy with those glasses!

Vineela's here, and she's serving up the most interesting sandwich I've seen in some time...a Watermelon Waffle Sandwich! (using mini-waffles, of course!).
What a neat idea...and watermelon is very much a 'cool' food. And pistachio ice cream? Yum!

Next, it's Sara; welcome!
Sara's brought two tasty treats (I'm a big fan of alliterations, forgive me); Corn and Black Bean Salsa on Chips and Watermelon Margarita Salad...bite-sized and cool, perfect.
There's also a pitcher of Long Island Ice Tea, so dig in!

Among the early crowd, it's Anne, with what may be her first time at Blog Party! If that's so, we're happy to have you here, Anne.
She's carried in a tray of rather fresh and summer-y Pea Chèvre Crostini, which has been quite a hit with her friends. I'm sure it will be here, as well!
Anne's also supplied us with plenty of Watermelon Agua; simple and refreshing. Fantastic!

Barbie2Be is back, and she comes bearing cool appetizers for all.
Barbie's made fresh Red Gazpacho, and her home-made Guacamole with chips.
Staying with the theme, Barbie's brought plenty of Mini Corona's for everyone!

Be sure to give a proper Blog Party welcome to Foodie's Hope, who's a bit new to this food event stuff. Well, she's done a pretty good job for a newbie!
Using vegetables from her own garden, Foodie's Hope brings us Cool Cucumber Sails (so pretty!) and a take on one of my favorite Indian beverages, Cool Mint Yoghurt Shake (Lassi). I think this one's going to be popular, so if you run out of mint, I'll just grab some from my own garden!

After a very long absence from Blog Party, it's good to have Alanna back!
Alanna was a bit stumped as to what to bring, till I told her she could 'cheat' a little, and prepare something that was both a drink and an appetizer. A-ha! she said, and here she is with her very attractive Tomato Gazpacho. I know she'll never want to miss another Blog Party after tonight, right??

Another Blog Party first-timer, say hello to KT! She's brought another creative, no-cook, dish tonight; Peach Caprese Salad. How clever!
In a peachy mood, KT's also something she's dubbed The Lolita; a sweet peach drink. Yeah, I can see that one going over well!

Virtual Frolic's back, and Matt's already eyeing these no-cook dishes.
Simple but elegant, Prosciutto and Salmon Wrapped Breadsticks and Cold Black Bean Soup will disappear quickly, so load your plates while you can!
As if not-cooking for Matt, VF's also created the must-try Root Beer Fudge...yummy!

Yet another new face tonight, everyone say 'hi' to Tannaz!
She may be new, but Tannaz has this Blog Party thing down; take a look at her Pita Triangles with Labneh and Mashed Garbanzo Beans...wonderful! And because we all need a nice cool drink to deal with this heat (unless of course, you're in Australia), she's also whipped up the ritzy-sounding Cucumber Spa Tonic with Minty Sugar-Salt. I'll take one of those!

Ulrike's the next one in, and I know you're going to enjoy these Melon & Feta Skewers as much as I am! So pretty, so simple...and no cooking required.
Be sure to try Ulrike's Elderflower Ginger Bliss, too...sounds wonderful.

Last one in, but most welcome, it's Anni, with a perfect example of what no-cook can be. Try her Smoked Turkey and Chipotle Aoili Wraps, you'll see what I mean! (I don't suppose you made any with veggie turkey, did you???)
Anni also made the nifty-sounding Beany Mary; I don't think I'd have thought of that!

Don't forget about me! I'm the one who made you jump through all those hoops, so it'd be supremely unfair if I didn't leap a few, myself.

Everyone grab a tiny plate of Miniature Tomato Salad; cherry tomatoes, sliced red and orange tomatoes, sprinkled with basil from the garden, drizzled with olive oil and surrounding tiny balls of fresh Mozzarella.

Very Mediterranean, Walnut and Cheese Covered Grapes; very simple. Red grapes coated in a mixture of bleu and cream cheeses, then rolled in walnuts. The cream cheese nicely cuts the tang of the bleu.

Something Matt's rather fond of, Miniature Pan Bagnat.

Canned tuna, slices of orange and red pepper, red onion, hard-boiled egg and cucumber on a baguette, dressed with red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper and olive oil; basically, a tuna nicoise in bite-size.

The eggs were boiled a few days before (and to be truthful, I didn't do it!);

Can't forget the cocktail!

So, here's a Virgin Mojito, using a few varieties of mint from our garden. Muddle lime juice, lime syrup (Torani, so no cooking!), mint leaves and sugar. Strong, yet sweet.
Mmmm...good. And plenty for everyone!

Wow; I want to thank each of you for rising to the challenge...for preparing party food without the use of your stove or oven. I know some of you had doubts, but a look above proves it can be done!

You all did such an amazing job, and I think this has been one of our best parties ever. And we now have a stock-pile of no-cook dishes for those hot summer nights; who says you can't entertain and stay cool!?

Thanks to everyone who made this Blog Party such a good one, and I do hope you'll come back next month for what I promise will a return to the appliances...check back September first to see what's in store!

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10 Thoughts for food:

At 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We just had breakfast, what a nice party and the summery is great!

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Alanna Kellogg said...

Right! ;-)

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Vineela said...

Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for doing blogparty.Like those blue gosgrain plates.
Really cool!!!!

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Ulrike...I'm still getting around to that...have anything good?

And thanks!

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Thanks, Alanna...just glad we got you back!

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Thank you, Vineela...and I haven't forgotten about your event, don't worry.

I really like those plates, too!

At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a good turn out this time!
Everything looks great.

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Peabody...it really was, wasn't it?

Every single guest did a great job with this theme; I know I'm going to be trying out a lot of these dishes!

At 8:20 AM, Blogger Asha said...

Excuse me for late comments, had two school open houses and all those school supplies! Phew !!!

I love all the savoury snacks up there including your's. Might even try some. Love the oceany blue plates too !!

Thanks for welcoming me and for rounding up Blog #13 !

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

No problem!

Alex is in week two, so I can sympathize.

You're always welcome at Blog Party; hope to see you next month!


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