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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fall Pancakes for the Fruit-Impaired


Although there have been some bizarre spikes in temperature (and I'd appreciate it if Mother Nature would make up her mind already...hot or cold? Pick one, already!), it is officially Autumn.

I very much want to incorporate fall flavors into my cooking and baking, but I face a serious obstacle: Matt doesn't like most of those flavors.

Pumpkin, cranberry, squash...he just won't eat them.

So when I wanted to serve my guys a fall-ish pancake last week, I had to get creative.

To a fairly standard pancake batter, I added a large handful of brown sugar and a rather healthy dose of cinnamon.

Matt's thoughts: "fairly sweet, slightly butterscotch flavor, with the cinnamon as more of a scent than a flavor. Goes *very* well with maple syrup."

And they didn't last long!

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