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Friday, March 28, 2008

Stepping Outside the PG-Friendly Zone


Silvermoon Dragon has tagged me. For a...ahem...slightly naughty meme. I've always kept this blog on the 'clean' side, family-friendly.

Oh, what the heck. Here goes:

1. What food do you consider the best “date” food? In other words, what meal or food item do you think is sexiest to eat in the company of someone you would like to look sexy around?

For me, it's sushi. It's bite-sized, so you're not taking huge bites of something. Plus, there's that whole tactile-thing...

2. What well-known person would you like to share a meal with—with or without clothing. (saying whether or not clothes are involved is optional).

Uh...huh. Ok. I'm as straight as they come, but I think Nigella Lawson is about as sexy as sexy gets. Just the way she talks can be erotic. So, sure. I'd share a meal with her. Clothes on, though.

I suppose Kevin Conroy, too...he was the voice of Batman during the Bruce Timm years, and that voice? Oh, my.

3. What does your perfect breakfast-in-bed look like? (Food AND the details, please. Candles? Music? Flowers? Hot tub? Dancing girls?)

Breakfast in bed is, for me, a fantasy. I have to take a pill for my thyroid every day, and I take it first thing in the morning. After that...I have to wait at least an hour before I can eat!

But, for the meme's sake, I don't require much. Real, just-made croissants. Big mug of black tea. Maybe some fresh raspberries.

I guess I'm 'easy'. Get the dogs off the bed, maybe.

4. What do you consider the best application of whipped cream to be?

Uhhh...hot fudge sundaes?

5. Oh-God-No, Biff, the yacht is sinking! You are sent to the galley to retrieve the food. What luxury food items do you snatch first? The champagne? The caviar? Smoked Salmon? Truffles? Chocolate? Or something else?

The saffron and vanilla beans.

I'm so boring.

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