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Monday, August 23, 2004

Rolls for the Weekend


So, it is this weekend (finally) company finally comes to visit the Happy Sorceress!!!

My sweet cousin Amanda and her friend (I'm told he is strictly a friend) will be popping in for a quick visit, and a recoup, as they drive from California to West Virginia.

In between many 'get the house ready!' things (mostly accomplished by my sweetie), we have chosen a menu.

Matt kept saying that, whatever we made for them, it should be light. Nothing heavy, nothing too HOT...having done the CA to TN thing ourselves, I know how it feels. Fast food a go-go. And siince Amanda is also a vegetarian, she's going to be as sick of cheese and veggie subs from SubWay as I was.

We talked about different cuisines (our original plan was slightly Greek-inspired), but I started thinking that sushi would be a better way to go.

Think about it: small bites. take only what you want. cool.

After much discussion, we decided to go for it.

Our plan is for several forms of vegetarian sushi (tamago, inari, cucumber, avocado...if we can find any good ones...carrot, diakon, asparagus, and plum paste with walnuts), and a little smoked salmon for the boys.
We're also setting out a big bowl of edamame (one of Alex's favorite foods) and rice crackers, and serving fried rice (with veggie ham) in lettuce leaves, and vegetable tempura.

Lots of green tea, of course.

We have so many sushi dishes; this will finally give us a chance to use them all.

And as entertaining goes, it's rather inexpensive. Not to mention the lack of oven use...in this weather? In Tennessee? Not using the oven is a good thing.

And while somewhat heavy on labor (so many rolls!), it's still going to cut back on dirty dishes...yay!

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At 8:22 PM, Blogger dexygus said...

phew, that sounds like a lot of work. i've only rolled sushi once, back in college. all i remember was inhaling the vinegar while cooking the sushi rice. maybe that's why it's such a blur.


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