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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bloggers Eat Lunch,Too!


I was so happy to meet another of my blogging friends, Cath of A Blithe Palate over the weekend!

Cath and her husband happened to be coming to a near-by town, so we made plans to get together for lunch.

I needed a restaurant that was Alex-friendly, and settled on The Tomato Head (he gets a kick out of the name).

Matt had the Tuscan Chicken; rosemary chicken with pesto and Jack cheese.

I had the Goat Cheese sandwich; warmed goat cheese, pesto and sundried tomatoes on a soft roll.

Alex had the Simon plate; cavetappi pasta, tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, grapes, apples, and a choice of either tofu or turkey. We ordered this primarily for the fruit, but to our immense surprise, he ate both the pasta (he's very specific about his pasta shapes!) and the tofu.

We had a good meal (Cathy had the Warm Bacon Salad, but I thought it might be going too far to photograph Her dish!), and I was so glad I could finally meet this friend I'd I'd only known through emails and blog entries. We had a great time, learned we had much in common, and are trying to figure out when we can do this again!

Something that Matt thinks is weird (in a good way): it's not just that these people who've never met become friends and get together, but that when they do? They talk about all the other food bloggers they 'know'!

It was good to finally meet, Cath; can't wait till next year!

Blog Party#10 is coming soon, and this month we're having a Garden Party! Cute little sandwiches, and that perfect cup of tea...won't you join us? Entries are due 18 May, just one week from today...can't wait to see you there!

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