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Friday, December 01, 2006

Blog Party#17: Lights, Camera, Action!


We've come to the end of another year, and here at Blog Party, we think that's a pretty good reason to celebrate.

Wrapping up a year of memories and experiences, and anticipating what 2007 will bring us? That certainly deserves a party, in my book.

And you're invited!

You may remember last December's bash; we all hopped a plane for a decadent and wild night in Vegas.

This year, some of us may still need to travel, but instead of an evening of sinful and outrageous...food, we're piling on the glamour.

This month's Blog Party is going HOLLYWOOD!

Think gorgeous, think fabulous.

Channel Wolfgang Puck, and his post-Oscar party creations.

And with that Golden Touch, prepare appetizers and cocktails worthy of Hollywood's A-listers, past or present.

If watching Giada and her party crashing gives you inspiration, more power to you. If a Sunday marathon of Hollywood classics is more your style, you have my blessing!

What's important is that you get yourself all dolled up, and join the most glamorous party of 2006!

Here's a recap of the rules, for those who may need it.

For those new to the event, Blog Party is a virtual cocktail party for food bloggers. It's a chance to make those little bites and fantastic drinks we all love, but never make. Blog Party is about taking time for us: setting aside some time to cook (which, clearly, we all love), to prepare appetizers we want to eat but never get around to. And best of all, it's about getting together, albeit via the Web, with like-minded friends.

You can read up on the inner-workings of Blog Party, as well as read up on a whole year's worth of parties, here.

Now, for the 'rules'.

What, in my opinion, qualifies as cocktail food:

  • Finger foods: anything that can be picked up, carried around and eaten with one hand...the use of the second hand as crumb catcher is perfectly acceptable

  • Dippers: vegetables, crackers, bread, chips, breadsticks and any inventive foods which are used for scooping or spreading dips and uh...spreads

  • Miniature meals: by this, I mean a normal-sized dish, cut or displayed as individual servings. A quiche, cut into small enough pieces to be eaten in less than four bites would be accepted.

All you have to do is make ****AT LEAST ONE appetizer AND cocktail**** (that's a minimum of one EACH); take some photos, and write about it. It's pretty easy, really.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have been invited to the hottest blog party in town...be sure to tell all your friends!

In the following order, book that appointment at the salon, shop for something fabulous to wear, and get to work on your Hollywood-worthy bites and sips!

Now the usual rule sees your entries due the third Thursday of the month, but if you take a look at the calendar, friends? That's awfully close to Christmas.

So for December, we're going to speed things up a little. One-time only, entries will be due one week early, Thursday, 14 December, with our party falling on Saturday, the 16th.

Get those entries to me by leaving a link in the comments section of just about any post (it'll reach me), or by emailing me at thehappysorceress at gmail dot com, with Lights, Camera, Action! in the subject line.

So, grab your Chewy Vuitton bag, and I'll see you there!

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