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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blog Party#28: Fusion


What the heck? It's November already? Someone please explain to me how that happened...

Well, it's definitely here, and that can only mean one thing: 53 shopping days till Christmas!

Um...ok. I guess it means two things. Time for the latest Blog Party theme reveal!!

That's right. Forget the chocolate bars and candy corn, it's time to 'save the date' for the coolest virtual cocktail party on the Web. And for our 28th get-together, we're skipping the sweet potatoes, tossing out the turkey, and just generally ignoring the whole (US) Thanksgiving domination.

Because we like to be different at Blog Party, that's why.

No, this month, we're taking a different direction. For November, we're putting on the safety goggles. This time, we're creating Fusion. Food fusion!

Yes, it's a trend, and Blog Party usually shies away from all that's trendy. But I love the idea of blending flavors and cuisines (as you may have noticed). And what better excuse to play with your food than this?

Toss some Asian spices in your Southern comfort food. Could French go with Tex-Mex? I don't know! But this is an excellent chance to find out. Play around in the kitchen, create something different. Mix your flavors, rearrange the gastronomic globe. Get creative!

Blog Party, the virtual cocktail party, is a place where we can all get together and kick back for one evening each month, with kindred spirits---foodies who love bite-sized foods and mixed drinks (alcoholic and non). The only requirements for getting on the 'guest list' is to make both an appetizer and a beverage (yes, you have to make at least one of each), in accordance with the theme, and share with the group.

This month, pair up interesting food flavors in mini form, shake up more than the basic vodka martini, and get your Fusion entries to me no later than Thursday, 15 November. I'll have the usual music choices and cool party accessories for you that Saturday, the 17th.

You can leave your entries in the comments section of any post here, or email them to thehappysorceress at gmail dot com.

And as always, I hope to see you there!

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6 Thoughts for food:

At 2:15 AM, Blogger Brittany said...

This is going to be my first blog party- I'm really looking forward to it. What a great them!

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Nabeela said...

That sounds exciting! I might take part...especially since I have the perfect cookbook to cook from, Suvir Saran's American Masala :)

At 11:50 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Thanks, Brittany! I can't wait to see what you make.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Nabeela, we'd love for you to come!

Oooh...I recently saw that book; looks good!

At 2:27 AM, Blogger Miri said...

I'm too late to pitch into this party, but I'll make sure I'm right on time for the next one!

After all, one of the reasons I started my own blog was to be part of the fun at your Blog Party series! :)


At 2:33 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Miri...hi!!!! I'm so happy to hear from you, and only finally today had time to check out your blog. And am loving it...of course, we're suckers for Indian recipes in our house, so that helps.

I'll have the new theme up this weekend, and I really do hope you can come!!


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