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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Sky is Cryin'


The sky is cryin....can'’t you see the tears roll down the street

You may have learned from Clare; our sweet little Macroom died Thursday morning.

He'd been doing so well since our visit to the vet, I allowed myself some optimism. His breathing was still a big ragged, but he was eating, talking, purring, and cuddling like his old self.

Possibly the greatest irony is the fact that Macroom and Wicklow and Donegal had become friendly; sharing a water bowl, and all climbing into our bed at night.

Five of us...good thing we have a queen size bed!

But Wednesday, Macroom was clearly declining. He wouldn't...couldn't...eat. He did little more than sleep.

Strangely enough, Wicklow seemed to be in tune with the cat. Macroom abandoned the bed early into the night, and Wicklow kept whimpering and looking down at the floor.

Finally, he jumped down as Macroom began making some pretty horrible noises. I made Matt bring Macroom up to the bed...Matt thought the cat was just mad at the dog, but I could tell something was terribly wrong.

He made one last noise, and as I held him, he died.

I know he's no longer suffering, but I miss my little guy. I keep looking for him, and remembering...'oh, right'.

Every time I pass through the dining room, I look towards Alex's Enormous Bear which Macroom had claimed as a bed, expecting to see him there.

Matt left work early today so he could come home and give Macroom a decent burial.

As he went outside to start the digging, the increasingly grey skies opened up, and rain began to fall. How appropriate.

Explaining to Alex that Macroom's gone hasn't been easy. He's 2 1/2, for crying out loud: 'dead' doesn't mean anything to him.

I tried to keep it as simple as I could, telling him Macroom had been sick, too sick, and that he'd died. I told Alex that meant we didn't have a kitty any longer. He was gone.

To which Alex replied "but he'll come back?"

Tell me that's not heartbreaking.

The picture above and just below were taken about eleven hours before Macroom died.

This one was taken a few days ago.

He was a total sweetheart. We all adored him, and even though he'd been in our lives just four months, he was part of our family.

And thus, he will be missed.

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At 9:32 PM, Blogger eat stuff said...

Poor little guy,
he was only here for a short time, but he touched so many hearts.

It sounds like he had a really really bad case of infectious anemia.

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Oh Stephanie. I am crying my eyes out poor little guy. Poor you! Poor Alex. Hugs to all of you. I loved checking out the pictures of little Macroom every week. I'll miss him.

At 11:35 PM, Blogger Heather said...

I love cats and I love your site. That is why I am tagging you for the You are what you eat Meme!

At 11:46 PM, Blogger Cate said...

Oh gosh, Stephanie, I am SO sorry. It's never easy to lose a pet, they really do become a member of your family, and the unconditional love is irreplaceable. Hang in there...

At 2:38 AM, Blogger Kai said...

I'm sorry for your family's loss. I remember how I felt when I lost pets as a child, so I specially feel for Alex right now.

At 2:42 AM, Blogger Anne said...

Oh Stephanie, I'm so very sorry to hear this. :(

Many hugs from me and the kitties here.

At 7:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're not cat people at all, but I can only imagine how hard it would be to lose a companion you love and have lived with for a long time.

Take care of yourselves.


At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Stephanie, I am so sorry for your loss, he was such a dear cat.

At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are so sorry about your little chap. He was a special kitty, full of love.
We will miss him greatly.

At 10:06 AM, Blogger Marie, Paris said...

I am sorry to read this sad news. Lots of hugs from me and my two loved ones.

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He looked like a sweet darling.
I am so sorry for your loss, Stephanie.

At 10:37 AM, Blogger Deetsa said...

It is never easy losing a furry family member no matter how long they were with you. I empathize with you.

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Heather said...

I feel terrible for my comment earlier. I hadn't even read this post when I commented with the tag. I am so sorry for your family and the loss of your cat. I am a true cat lover and had to let mine go too. It was hard.

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Nic said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Macaroom's death, Stephanie. It makes me think about the animals in my life that I've lost. I'm glad that he knew he was loved.

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. There's not much that words can say in such times. Best wishes to you all.

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're so sorry to hear about Macroom :( Our thoughts are with you. The pictures really show what a beautiful kitty he was.

At 10:39 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Very sorry to hear about this loss =(

At 11:54 PM, Blogger keeper said...

i am sooo sorry ... i have lost several dear pets ... they just nestle in your heart so ... and having them leave your heart is so terribly painful ... huggers

At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor kitty, it is so sad! I can't stop crying my eyes out for you and for him.
Lots of thoughts for you.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger boo_licious said...

Auntie Stephanie

I am so sad too even though I never met Macroom in real life but he is my kitty friend. Mum cried after she read your posting and she has been hugging us non stop this weekend. Take lots of care and we are sending you lots of nice postive thoughts. Rest in peace dear Macroom.

Lots of love

Boo the cat

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Kevin said...


I know how that hurts.

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Laurie said...

Poor baby, and poor you. My heart is with you. It was so wonderful that you held him in his last moments. I wonder if I would have had the courage...

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Nupur said...

I'm so sorry, Stephanie. The death of a pet is really so hard to bear...stay safe.

At 3:22 PM, Blogger AzureLynn said...

I agree with most everyone here... am so sorry for your loss. They bring joy and personality to a home and when they "go home" they are forever missed. I hope that you find another new friend soon, and I know that it's never quite the same -- I have lost many pets to moves and "going home", and I know it hurts. They are all special and fun.

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about how you lost your little one. I understand--very much. I still miss Minna, and it has been more than a month.

Know that my thoughts are with you.

At 11:11 PM, Blogger MizD said...

{{{big hugs for the sweet kitty}}}

At 3:51 PM, Blogger *fanny* said...

I am crying and i am so sorry. I can imagine how hard it must be.
He was so sweet.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger the Robot Vegetable said...

Farewell and God Bless, Macaroon

At 5:51 PM, Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm very sorry to hear that your sweet little Macroom left this world... It is a sad story for you all.
Pets are like family members, when they die we are struck with intense grief.

Take care and all the very best,

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

:-( Sorry.

At 9:36 PM, Blogger kitchenmage said...

sniffle I've lost two ktties this year -- and gotten two as well, but that's another story.

One thought for your helping the little guy deal with the loss. Each of my catsThatAren'tHere has a tree planted over their graves: the orange and white fluffcat got a maple that has fluffy leaves and turns bright orange in fall, his mom got a magnolia that she slept in for a couple of months while it was in a pot. The trees are permanent growing (live) memorials and we find ourselves calling them Wesley's and Moufie's trees. Maybe you can find an appropriate memorial for your kitty and plant it together...?

At 5:31 PM, Blogger Cathy said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Stephanie. Hope you're you're all doing OK and are finding some comfort in your dogs and beautiful new puppy.


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