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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wartime Wednesday: Much too tired for Coffee Cake


The age-old dependence of man upon bread as food has not been disturbed by the most recent researches in nutrition. Indeed it is considerably strengthened. Bread is not only an inexpensive source of carbohydrates and vegetable protein but carries minerals and the B vitamins, especially when whole grains are used. The use of yeast increases these vitamins. Bread can be made of flour, salt, water and yeast; more valuable bread results if sugar, shortening and milk are added.---The Victory Binding of the American Woman's Cook Book

I was already pretty tired when I asked Matt to pick out something for breakfast the next day. His first pick was a coffee cake, but then switched to a breadcrumb pancake.

For some reason, I didn't feel like making the pancakes, so I decided I'd go with the coffee cake.

I glanced at the ingredients, and despite seeing the word 'yeast', went ahead with it.

See, I was tired. Really tired.

I got started, soaking (their word, not mine) the yeast and scalding the milk. Mix that, and some beaten egg and flour together, and let rise till "very light". Whatever the frak that means.

I got a late start, what with being too tired to get off the couch (I got sucked into the Nick at Night Roseanne Halloween marathon). So now, it's even later, and I'm waiting for the dough to rise.

Trust me, there's nothing but 'Paid Programming' on early in the morning, so I caught up on email and news.

The dough finally rose (but I have no idea if it was "very light"), and I added the remaining ingredients.

Frak me. It has to rise again.

I'm now knocking back Central Perk-sized mugs of tea, trying to stay awake enough to finish.

Two refills and some scouting for Christmas shopping later, it's time for batter to meet pan.

It was about this time I realized something: I was making a bread, not a cake. Only took me a few hours to figure that out. I miss sleep.

Once the batter was in the pan, it's covered with a thick...and I do mean thick...layer of cinnamon sugar. Bakes in a hot oven about 20 minutes.

I fiddled around in the kitchen while it baked, and when the timer went off, checked the cake.

It was gloppy. Didn't make sense.

Oh...right. In my sleep-deprived, blurry-eyed state, I'd accidentally set the oven to 250, not 400.


When it was finally done, Matt had a flattish, bready, cake; heavy on the cinnamon.

And I slept till noon.

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