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Monday, May 29, 2006

Too Far From Home to Remember...


Today's the day flags are placed at every Veteran's headstone, and in my hometown, that would include both my Grampa and my Dad.

Grampa was a machinist on the USS Nehenta Bay during WWII, serving in the Pacific. My dad was a medic, albeit state-side, during Vietnam.

I have a surviving grandfather, who fought overseas during WWII, as well...I love hearing his war stories.

But he, like my hometown cemetery, are too far away. Today, in particular, the distance seems greater than ever.

Traditionally, on holidays like Memorial day, Fourth of July, or Labor day, my entire family would get together at my grandparent's house for a 'cook-out'. The food wasn't fancy; hot dogs, hamburgers, hot chipped ham sandwiches, potato salad, watermelon and cantaloupe. But everyone was there: the five of us (mom, step-dad, two sisters and me), my aunt Lois, Tony, and five cousins, my aunt Kathy, three cousins, and Mike, uncle Dan. In later years, there were even great-grandchildren.

We'd show up around noon, and stay until...well, until you decided it was late and you really should get home. We'd all hang out in the backyard, or inside if were raining (pretty good chance, being NW PA). We'd talk and eat. It'd get loud. The Pirates game would be on either the radio or TV, depending on where we were.

But it was fun. I love my family, and I miss them. Today, they're all too far away. My cousins are all over the country, and I haven't seen my aunts or uncle in almost two years. My Grammy's health isn't is good as it used to be.

I miss my family.

Here, it's just the three of us, plus Matt's parents. They're nice folks, and I like them. But two, somewhat reserved, people cannot make up for the boisterousness that is my family.

Still, the bland paid on...

My MIL was out of town, but Matt and his dad had Grilled Tuna with Mint Sauce; which was much too much tuna for the two of them!

A bowl of cold roasted tomato-basil soup.

A favorite of mine, Southwestern chopped salad. Avocado, red and jalapeno peppers, corn, pinto beans, hard-boiled eggs, small tomatoes, and lime tortilla chips tossed with lime juice, olive oil, sugar, chili powder and salt and pepper. Very nice.

Red, White, and Blue Berry Ice Cream (the blue's there, you just can't see it in this picture); a white chocolate ice cream swirled with blueberries and a strawberry/raspberry mix.

And because we were taking pictures of our food, Alex demanded we take one of his jelly beans, too.

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At 1:11 AM, Blogger Alanna Kellogg said...

Nice post ...

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Thanks, Alanna!


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