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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Photos Don't Do Justice



When I first heard my friend Peabody was writing a cookbook, I was delighted. She's always been a source for creative and outrageous treats, and very much my kind of person.

So naturally, I pre-ordered, and waited for the big day.

  And she did not disappoint.

 Glorious, ridiculous, and mouth-watering recipes fill the entire book.

After I read through (and I did, every single page!), I passed it first to Matt, then Alex.  They went through it with colored sticky tabs, marking everything they wanted to try. 

...It's brimming with sticky tabs, btw.

The book arrived at a busy time for me (NaNo, Christmas cookies, etc), so it took a while to finally get around to it, but when I did, I asked the guys to pick the first thing I should make. They both chose the
Cinnamon Roll Apple Pot Pies.

It's a brilliant concept: a sweet, glazed cinnamon roll plus an apple pie? I mean, why not?! 

As Peabody states in the introduction, the recipe is a bit of work, though none if it is too taxing.

You make a dough for the rolls - more biscuit-y than a traditional roll, but that works in its favor. 

There's the crust, made from ready-made dough, but ooomphed! up a bit; you treat the crust like a cinnamon roll, giving it the spiced-sugar filling treatment, and rolling it up and slicing it into smaller pieces.
Which then get rolled out flat, creating a gorgeous dough of burnished concentric circles that you use to line your (very small) baking dishes*. 

There's an apple filling, cooked quickly and simply, and smells heavenly.

That you top with one of your biscuit-like cinnamon rolls, and bake.  

Finish with a cream cheese frosting, and you have yourself one fantastic, decadent dessert. Or breakfast. Your choice. I don't judge.

And proof that Peabody knows what's she doing, that she's put in the research and testing: everything works together. The flavors and textures compliment one another. There's a balance of sweetness and spice.

More proof: From the other room, where he was gaming, Alex hollered through a mouthful, "You should definitely make this again!"

My camera died (I got a new one, but didn't have a memory card at the time), so this photo was taken with my Kindle.
In my traditionally poorly-lit house. 

But trust me when I say this recipe, this book, is a winner.

Congrats, Peabody. I'm so proud of, and happy for you.

*I discovered, too late in the game, that my dishes were an inch smaller than Peabody used. I made it work, but that's why you see less of the lovely apple filling.


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