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Friday, May 20, 2005

Citrus; Sugared and High, On a Friday


Citrus? What a brilliant ingredient to bring us all together this Friday.

I adore citrus fruits. I often find myself buying a bag of limes, even if they're not on our grocery list, simply because I know I can always find a use for them.

Christmas two years ago, Matt and I made candied citrus peel, using lemons and grapefruit. Despite the days of waiting (although requiring very little in the way of actual work), we were rewarded with the most fabulous sugared treats...wonderful for snacking, or flavoring a cup of tea.

When I was away at college, my Mom would occasionally send a care package consisting almost entirely of grapefruits. My hall-mates thought it a bit odd, as they were receiving all sorts of goodies in the mail; but for me, nothing is sweeter than a grapefruit. I grew up watching my Grammy eat a half of a grapefruit, with coffee and toast, each morning for breakfast.
But unlike my grandmother, I just peel that softball-shaped jewel, like an orange, and savor it, one section at a time.

Alex is taking after me, too. If I really want to eat a grapefruit or orange, I have to do it while he's asleep. Otherwise, he wants to 'share'. Which is great. Really. Except that, by the time I've gotten a piece cleaned up and in his hands, and have started on another, he's asking for more. The kid will eat an entire citrus fruit, in one sitting. Yep, he's my boy.

So, when I saw this month's theme for Sugar High Friday, I was excited. But a bit perplexed, as well. As much as I love citrus, I so rarely do anything with it. It simply doesn't occur to me to do anything beyond eat it!

It is fortuitous, then, that I had recently purchased a rather large batch of old Gourmet issues, including two complete years, in a hardbound collection.

And it was while looking through 1968 that I found inspiration for Sugar High Friday. I bring you a sweet breakfast: from January '68, Lemon Pancakes with Warm Honey, Grenadine Grapefruit, and Orange Oat Loaf.

Tiny pancakes, flavored with the juice and zest of lemon,and lightened by beaten egg whites; drizzled with sweet, warm, honey.

Halves of grapefruit, sectioned and removed of membrane, and topped with a teaspoon of Grenadine.

And a warm, orange-sweetened bread (both rind and fruit make an appearance), made even heartier with rolled oats. Toasted, and topped with sweet butter.

I'm aware that I'm known for tooth-achingly sweet and decadent creations. Which was just one of the many reasons I wanted something different for this event. And aside from being fairly light and simple, it's mostly good for you!

I neglected to name this month's host, Alice, of My Adventures in the Breadbox! Shame on me, really.

5 Thoughts for food:

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

What a great idea for this installment of SHF! A well-rounded citrus breakfast...it looks delicious and quite healthy, too which is nice to see this time of year.

Thanks for joining in on SHF!

At 12:37 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Thank you, Jennifer!

I really did want to do something a little less heavy than usual. I guess I succeeded.

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Alice said...

Oh...I am so with you. I adore grapefruit...and I indulge in a whole grapefruit for breakfast every morning, while they are in season. The hurricanes in Florida really dampened the grapefruit crop this year, which made me horribly sad. Your breakfast trio sounds awesome...healthy and tasty...totally my speed.

At 6:02 PM, Blogger Nic said...

Hi Stephanie. Those pancakes look adorable! And lemon would be a nice touch to breakfast, I agree.

At 4:03 AM, Blogger chronicler said...

Lemon pancakes are such a great way to start the day! Yours are just perfect!


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