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Monday, May 23, 2005

Citrus and Sushi


Not in the same dish, thank you veddy much!

First, be sure to check out this month's Sugar High Friday round-up, hosted by Alice of My Adventures in the Breadbox.

Second, please check out the wacky and fabulous Archie McPhee. Among their latest goodies: patterned tape!

Imagine wrapping up your next birthday gift with sushi tape!

Also available: pirates, tiki, Rosie the Riveter, bacon, and more!

I often toy with buying all their fabulous sushi products: wind-ups, deck of cards, bandages, rugs, and tissues!

Oh, come on...you're what? Shocked and surprised? I love me some sushi!

4 Thoughts for food:

At 2:16 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Hm... you admitted to a fear of red bean paste over at Anthony's, so I'll admit that I'm terrified of sushi. Can it ever make you sick?

At 3:02 PM, Blogger Turhan said...

The first thing you must understand when approaching sushi is that is does not (necessarily) mean raw fish. Sushi involves various edible tidbits wrapped up in or served on rice seasoned with a sweetened vinegar. Many varieties of sushi involve raw fish of one kind or another. Many others do not. Being a vegetarian, Stephanie (the one who runs this blog, that is) doesn't eat any of the fish variety. There are many completely vegetarian sushis: tamago (a sort of omlette), inari (rice in a thin, deep-fried tofu envelope), natto (fermented soybeans; definitely an acquired taste), cucumber, avocado, seaweed salads...and, I have no doubt, countless others. And there are perfectly safe cooked-fish varieties as well.

Now, then, for us carnivores: the raw-fish varieties of sushi can make you sick if the fish isn't handled properly. However, raw meats, if properly sourced and absolutely fresh, are actually fairly safe if you slice off the outside bits, where the vast majority of microbial activity is going on. That's why rare steaks are safe: the outside gets cooked enough to kill bugs (rare hamburger, on the other hand, isn't safe: insides get mixed with outsides, so it needs to be cooked through). If you eat the raw fish while it's still very fresh and within a few hours of the time the outside bits were sliced off, there's not really anything there to get you sick. This is not to say that nobody has ever gotten sick from eating sushi. However, that happens when the restaurant is careless about their fish, lets it sit too long, etc. A good, reputable restaurant will serve you fish that's fresh off the boat (or, as the case may be, off the plain or very fast truck) with any questionably exposed bits cut off. There's generally little need to worry about the healthfulness of your sushi, and if you're still iffy about it, there are cooked and non-meat varieties.

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

I could not have said it any better...thanks, honey!

At 3:51 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

And sushi is such a sensual food...involving all senses but hearing. It is traditional to both eat it with your hands and with chopsticks. As I've yet to master the sticks, I eat with my fingers. There's the smells...no, not of raw fish, but of rice wine, wasabi, soy sauce. Of course, few foods are as visually stunning as a platter of sushi. And as for taste?
Put it this way: I come from a small, traditional town, with traditional foods. I didn't grow up wiht "ferrin'" foods. Top that with the fact I'm a very picky eater (texture issues, don't like cooked veggies, no fruit in things...).

But? I adore sushi. I could eat it every single day...if I could find a half-way decent restaurant around here. As is, we (mostly Matt, because he's sweet that way) make it ourselves.

I suggest you try it with someone in the know...someone who not only understands sushi, but your own individual preferences for food (Matt was able to help me this way on a number of cuisines; telling me that yes I would, or no, I most definitely not enjoy a certain dish), who can direct you through your first sushi encounter.

If you're frightened of the fish, stick with the cooked or veggies version. I highly recommend the tomago (it's fantastic, and I've used the base for a couple of End of Month Egg on Toast Extravaganza entries), the Inari, or any of the vegetables.


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