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Thursday, June 16, 2005

On Sale, just $19.99!


Lyn, of Lex Culinaria has tagged me...so hard to judge your own worth.

5 Favourite Books Meme

Apparently, we're to keep this food-related. Here goes:

1. Total number of (cook/food) books I’ve owned:
Not quite 200.

2. Last (cook/food) book(s) I bought: RETRO FIESTA! and HAPPY HOUR: DRINKS AND EATS WITH A '50S BEAT

3. Last (cook/food) book I read:
While I'm working through And Omelette and a Glass of Wine, I'm going to include Joanne Fluke's Peach Cobbler Murder...because while it's technically a mystery, it's full of foodie talk and includes recipes!

4. Five (cook) books that mean a lot to me:
New Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant---of all my veg cookbooks, I've had such success with this one.
Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook---I was able to find lots and lots of dishes my carnivrous husband liked, and that's a good thing.
Finger Food---lots and lots of little bites, which I love.
Pennyslvania Dutch Cookbook: Fine Old Recipes---this was my late Grandpa's book; Grammy gave it to me after the funeral. I used this book when I was in high school, to make goodies for my German class, usually Obfel Puffers (apple fritters); they were always a hit.
Irresistable Biscuits, Cookies and Shortbreads and Tempting Teatime Treats---I combine these into one, as they're b
ooklets. We picked these up at a book store in Dingle, on our Irish honeymoon.

5. Which 5 people would you most like to see fill this out in their blog?

Hmmm... Julia, Dexygus, Indira, Niki, and Sweetnicks.

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