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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Let there be S'mores!


They said it couldn't be done.

A gelatin-less marshmallow simply couldn't work. Straight up agar agar substitution didn't quite cut it.

So, vegetarians & vegans looked on with sad faces & hungry bellies while others toasted their marshmallows for campfire treats, or whipped up crispy rice snacks, or simply decorated their hot chocolatey beverage.

Sure, there are quality vegan marshmallows available for purchase, but the cost per square is close to outrageous (which, sadly, hasn't stopped me from buying them).

I was browsing the new items at Vegan Essentials (a pretty nifty place for hard-to-find veg & vegan food items, as well as a slew of cruelty-free products) when I discovered Vegan Marshmallow Kits by Angel Food (click on Food & Sweets, then vegan marshmallow products).

Everything you need to make your own gelatin-free puffs, you just add a few ingredients like sugar & water.

Amazing, how simple they are to make. Very little time involved, actually. Mix one component, move on to cooking another, then a third. Add 2 & 3, cool, add to 1 and mix; put that in a pan, then they set.

Smells like marshmallows. Tastes like marshmallows. Feels like, looks like.

The kits makes a huge amount; claims to produce 50. Though I didn't count, I dare say it's accurate. You can eat them right away, or let them sit out 24 hours, and they'll keep 2 weeks.

Alex is spending tomorrow night at school, for a big indoor/outdoor sleep-over. They're going to make S'mores. This time, he won't miss out, because Super-Mom will have packed up a couple of these cruelty-free clouds, along with a veggie dog, for the night.

And while he's away, I will be curled up on the couch with Matt, catching up on "Pushing Daisies", and enjoying my vegan-marshmallow topped cocoa.

November brings a bit of the glitz & glamour to Blog Party, as we celebrate The Holiday Edition, 2.0, this month. RSVP no later than Thursday, 20 November...hope to see you there!

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2 Thoughts for food:

At 3:19 PM, Blogger SugarPunk said...

I've occasionally in the past been moved to shell out for the vegan marshmallows, but my experience was that they didn't toast, or brown in any way - they just melt. Do these toast? Can I actually have s'mores again? curious minds definitely want to know!

At 8:31 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Hey...no, it really didn't toast, I'm afraid. Instead, I spread warm chocolate on the marshmallow, which was already on a graham cracker

of course, we could always take a blow torch to it, right?!?


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